Sunday, October 11, 2009

New treasures from the dump!

I love to dumpster dive - there I said it. My mom and I spent the day on Friday running from dumpster to dumpster, and scrapyard to scrapyard - does anybody else spend a mother/daughter day like this? Anyway, treasures galore - we picked up slugs, some cool chain link thingys, oh, and I stumbled across 4000 pounds of washers - yes, you read that right! Look for cool new things to be coming out of the shop!

Do good. Live green.

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  1. Love your work, saw it in Uncommongoods. I try to recycle metal parts in my "creations", mostly street signs since my late father left me a collection of hundreds. All are aluminum so I need to find a way to cut and weld. It's my goal once I retire from teaching in a year or so. For now, I'm doing collecting, which is simple since the same late father was a hoarder/saver of anything metal. I have a collection of 78 metal files (and still finding more as his house is cleaned out...) and 50 hammers of various sizes and shapes and hundreds of feet of pipe and wire. Your work and family history is fascinating and I will be purchasing one of your pieces as soon as I can make up my mind. I like the bowl but would want it hung on the wall. I'll get back to you asap. Thanks also for the great website and the music is an added treat.